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Patrick Watson English Summative

Patrick Watson
English Summative Blog Post

This blog post is entered as my summative example of what I learned during this semester's English course.  To do this I want to highlight both some of my successes and needs of improvement, both which have helped extend my learning. I am going to focus on specific examples of my work to show this.

My Ethics Presentation: allowed me to demonstrate writing, technology skills, media interpretation, organisation, research, oral presentation skills, curiosity and critical thinking.

One of my favourite assignments we worked on this semester was the ethics presentation. It allowed me to explore the topic of artificial intelligence, an area I was curious about. I felt this project challenged me to think on a number of different levels. It made me think critically about our future and also about the morality of how technology is impacting our society.

In my ethics presentation, I began by demonstrating the use of planning and organising skills. For example, in my ethics presentation I first created a series of questions or subpoints I wanted to answer, then I used these as the main topics for my slides.  Then I researched each question by processing information from various websites, listening to information from Ted Talks and other reputable sources. Once I had answered these questions I used the information and compacted it into short points and put them in my slides in a format that was easily readable in a slideshow.

I also showed the use of critical/creative thinking processes by providing pictures for each slide that demonstrated relevance to my main points. I also believe that humour is a good tool to catch reader’s attention. In this slide show, my use of the Terminator image was both humorous and serious at the same time because it showed a possible future where allowing A.I. to take over had some serious ethical consequences.

In my ethics project, I made sure that I had added the correct definitions for the main point of my project (A.I. and A.S.I) and showed examples of A.I. which provides more insight of my critical thinking.

Finally, in my concluding presentation, I provided evidence of my communication skills as I explained to my fellow students what I had learned about Artificial Intelligence, discussed some of the forms of A.I. that existed and whether we should be concerned.  The oral presentation was evidence of my use of technology to add quality to my presentation I joined pictures that I would capitalise on by explaining the pictures.

My Algernon Point of View Project and the Discussions demonstrated an understanding of point of view, creative writing, initiative, responsibility, leadership, and organisation.

In this assignment, I really enjoyed the writing process. During this project, I discovered that I could express my creative thinking in a way that did not feel like it was just a regular essay because I had enjoyed reading the book. As a result, I thought it was one of my best pieces. This essay really presents the creative aspect of my mind. I used the title  “Algernon’s Tiny Carvings” because Algernon does not have a paper and pen to write with, so he has to scratch his writings onto the floor of his cage. When I reflect back on how I came up with this writing I feel really positive about that idea. I also feel that this writing was evidence of my understanding of point of view as I was able to write from the point of view of Algernon the mouse.

For this essay, I also had a well-structured planning process. I used a 3x4 table. At the left of the table I provided the date of Algernon's writing (day 7), in the middle I had added what was going to happen that day and on the right of the table, I included the criteria to make sure I had matched it as much as possible. From that structure, I was able to effectively and efficiently produce my Flowers for Algernon point of view essay.

As well I also regularly participated in all Flowers for Algernon class discussions. The Flowers for Algernon discussion was definitely something I did well in. Participating in discussions allowed me to capitalise on some of my communication strengths, as I am a confident conversationalist and an extrovert. I think this really helped with my creative and critical thinking throughout the discussions. During the discussions, I was able to organise ideas and information and express them in opinions. This was because I came to the discussions well prepared. This took me quite awhile, as I had sticky notes in my book to bookmark certain quotes to help back me up. After I was done reading the book I would also go onto SparkNotes and read over the summary for the progress report we are discussing, I would also add portions of SparkNotes to my notes to help throughout the discussion. I believe this showed that I was demonstrating responsibility to the group as I was prepared to contribute.  I also felt that this showed initiative as most of my peers simply read the book and “winged” it.

In conclusion, I feel this assignment and unit clearly demonstrated my understanding of point of view, creative writing, leadership, and organisation and also allowed me to show my strengths at communicating with people and preparing for discussions.

Tragically Hip Unit: this unit I did poorly on however through analysing my poor performance I demonstrated  that I can reflect and conduct self-assessment, and I learned that I need to improve in time management, initiative, regulation as well as on my understanding of literary techniques in poetry.

38 Pistols Presentation:

I learned a few things about myself when I look back at my effort towards this project. This was early in the year and I was not organised or prepared yet for the work that was expected from us.  I failed to read and understand the criteria. However, through reflecting on my results I realised I needed to develop my planning skills, improve in my reading for understanding and to be better prepared for our classes.  I also did not spend any time learning the components of poetry. I feel that even though I did not achieve the criteria, I still learned a lot through these early failures. “It's failure that gives you the proper perspective on success.” - Ellen DeGeneres

Tragically Hip Essay:

My Tragically Hip essay definitely was not one of my best pieces of work. For starters, the research reflected little effort. I quickly skimmed through websites about the Tragically Hip and would simply write information that was not always from reputable sites, as a result some of my information might or might not have been true. As well I never cited my sources. This also showed a lack of planning and organisation.  

Overall I learned a tremendous amount during this class that helped me grow as a student.  I improved my writing skills and how to organise my thoughts.  I also developed my ability to think critically and sort and sift through media information to find useful and relevant information and with this summative I really learned about editing and rewriting.  I also developed an understanding of  how to compare and contrast, the importance of discussion, what it means to be a leader and plan for success.  Most of all I enjoyed English as a class for the first time.

The final part of my summative is a Rap Song  summarising the year. I hope you enjoy.

A Rap Song by P. Patty Watson - Rap Name

What I learned in English Class
We woke up in the morning with How do you Feel
Followed by a Moment of Zen that filled me with Zeel
Then Suddenly I was Hip to the Man
Gord Downie a poet from Can
Presentations are the way in this house
Followed by Algernon the mighty Mouse
The Mighty C that's what Shawna wants from Me
Creativity, Critical Thinking and Communication that's all me
All American boy that's P Patty Watson that's Me
Logging on my blog, things that we do
Debating Donald Trump and his bad hairdo
Time to go and post my summative
Hopefully it's informative


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